A public service announcement from your local We All Bleed crew.

Just be you, live for yourself, enjoy yourself. 

If you do this you will live with a better state of mind.

Don’t let others tell you who to be or how to be. 

Someone else will always try to bring you down. The best thing to do is not feed into it and show them that you are happy.

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What we are about

Here at We All Bleed ULTD, we are focused and determined to make a difference.

We try to make a difference through the messages that we send with our shirts.

We truly believe that everyone is equal. There is no need to bully people because they’re different. There is no need to pick on anyone or degrade anyone.

You don’t have to self harm because society doesn’t think you fit into the “mold”

Be who you are. Be yourself. Be what you want. Do things for yourself. 

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7:02 pm  •  21 September 2012
We ALL Bleed

No matter who you are, I want you to know there is a group of people who accept you, we are the majority. WE are the society you live in, we ARE out there. Any one you see with the Kill Violence Droplet is a part of that society, won’t you be a part of our society? Any one is welcome. Are you with us? (Go Ahead and re blog, the image is trademarked just to protect us, please post it anywhere there’s an anti violence, anti bullying mindset)

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